Forest Villa is the hidden jewel among the beautiful mountains of Dujiangyan. It’s architecture, landscape design, sketch and scale are all based on the principles of getting close to nature and provide its hosts with the maximum privacy.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation, a cultural break or organizing a special event, Forest Villa is there to help creating the unique and unforgettable experience.

The villa is fully equipped with modern appliances: sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, a private movie theater, floor heating, cable TV, office facilities, WIFI and many more. Guests will enjoy the total privacy of having their own Shangri-La, far away from the stress of work and noisy.

Location (see map)

It is located in the Lingyan Forest Mountain of Dujiangyan, which provides fresh and cool air and a beautiful view over the city. The neighborhood is peaceful, quiet and clean, very exclusive with 24/7 private security at the gate. 

Floors & Rooms

Every suite has its private en-suite bathroom and toilet. You will have access to the whole villa as well as the facilities of the compound.

  1. First floor:

  2. - Main living room & piano bar

  3. - 1 double bedroom bathroom

  4. - King size bed

  5. - 1/2 bathroom

  6. Second Floor:

  7. - Dining Room

  8. - Indoor Mezzanine

  9. - Outdoor Terrace

  10. - 1 Master Suite with bathroom and King size bed

  11. - 1 double bedroom en-suite bathrooms

  12. - Office facilities

  13. Third floor:

  14. - 1 Master Suite with freestanding bathtub with Jacuzzi King Size Bad

  15. - 1 freestanding bathtub with Jacuzzi

  16. - Walk-in closets

  17. Ground floor:

  18. - Cinema room

  19. - Sea salt dry sauna and steam sauna

  20. - Spa lounge with jacuzzi and open fire place

Visit our children friendly HDF Huaxi Outdoor Farm

- Agricultural trainings and eco-system education.

- Classes for students in grades 4-12, including both academic and adventure.

- Camping on site, building up tents, and joining many other students and family for a bone fire.

  (visit website).

Rental Rates

- Daily Rental Price Rooms: 550 RMB - 850 RMB
- Daily Rental Price Villa*: 2.400 RMB

* Villa Rental Price is based on rental of max. 4 Suites. Additional Children Room: 400 RMB



Lingyan Mountain, Dujiangyan

GUESTS: up to 10




Sea salt dry sauna, steam sauna, whirlpool, fire place, private cinema room, private parking


We offer a range of customizable services to ensure you and your guests to have an unforgettable experience. More Infos


Golf, Cycling, Rafting, Hiking, Skiing

Visit our children friendly HDF Huaxi outdoor farm in Dujiangyan (visit website)


Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Special requests on dates are also welcome

Suites : 550 RMB  - 850 RMB
Entire Villa : 2400 RMB / day*


Tel.: 028 8424 8310

Mobile Phone: 185 0829 0183

Email: forestvilladujiangyan@vandarts.com




  1. -Guests who stay at our villa will enjoy 20% discount on all our services and packages


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